FT. MYERS, Fla.--(BUSINESS WIRE)--A new educational option for the 2011-2012 school year will provide Ft. Myers area middle and high school students a supportive environment where they can learn at their own pace. Pivot Charter School, a full-time public school free to Lee County residents in grades 6-12, features a rigorous, standards-based online curriculum and individualized support from on-site Florida-certified teachers. The student enrollment process is going on now, and classes start August 23rd.

“At Pivot Charter School, we are dedicated to preparing area students for a productive and successful life in the twenty-first century”

“At Pivot Charter School, we are dedicated to preparing area students for a productive and successful life in the twenty-first century,” said Dr. Paul Kirk, principal. “Our program is unique in that it helps students succeed by combining high-tech online courses with individualized instruction from experienced, Florida-credentialed teachers at our safe, convenient facility. Flexible class schedules mean that students can spend more time on the subjects where they need the most help."

Pivot Charter School complies with all Florida graduation requirements and offers a full middle and high school curriculum, including more than 15 Advanced Placement courses, a wide variety of electives, and a service learning option. Core courses align with Next Generation Sunshine State Standards. Students can jump-start their college careers with early graduation options and dual enrollment in college courses. Pivot Charter School is ideal for many students, including accelerated learners looking for Advanced Placement and dual-credit classes, students missing credits and needing to catch up, those needing a flexible schedule in order to pursue outside interests, and many others.

Pivot Charter School Lee County offers comprehensive student support and assistance. In addition to on-site teachers available during school hours, Pivot students have online access to Florida-certified teachers who can provide immediate assistance 24 hours a day. Online learning provider Advanced Academics supplies the program’s learning management system, curriculum and online teaching staff. Advanced Academics provides online education options to more than 100 school districts and charter schools in more than 30 states.

“We are pleased to partner with Pivot Charter School to offer this innovative program that combines a high-quality curriculum aligned to Florida state standards with personalized support tailored to how each student learns best,” said Jeffrey A. Elliott, president of Advanced Academics. “Our online courses engage students by teaching the material in several different ways, while our experienced, Florida-certified instructors are experts at providing motivation and support.”

For more information, go to www.pivotcharterschool.com or call 888-844-9157.

About Pivot Online Charter Schools

Pivot Education Inc. is a not-for-profit Florida corporation that operates Pivot Charter Schools in Ft. Myers and Tampa. Its programs combine an online curriculum with site-based offerings that let students work at their own pace, receive immediate online tutoring and participate in small-group instruction classes and tutorials. Pivot Charter School’s Ft. Myers location offers this unique hybrid educational program to middle and high school students in Lee County.