ARLINGTON, Va.--(BUSINESS WIRE)--Gourmet Lab: The Scientific Principles Behind Your Favorite Foods serves up a full menu of activities for middle and high school science teachers to use in the classroom. What better topic than food to engage students to explore science in the natural world? Fifteen hands-on experiments—each including a full set of student and teacher pages—challenge students to take on the role of scientist and chef as they boil, bake, and toast their way to a better understanding of science concepts from chemistry, biology, and physics. Using inexpensive ingredients and basic lab equipment, students cook food such as pancakes and butterscotch and have the opportunity to learn about physical changes in states of matter, acids and bases, biochemistry, and molecular structure.

Each lab begins by providing background information about the food and science concepts at hand and is followed by a vocabulary list, safety protocols, materials list, procedures, data analysis, answer key, and conclusions and connections questions. To enhance the overall learning process, cross-curricular connections in math and literacy are noted as well as grade-specific learning extensions to reinforce concepts.

Gourmet Lab places culinary science on the map and will leave your students hungry for their next learning experience.

About the Author

Sarah Reeves Young is the program director for teacher training institute at Rowland Hall Middle School in Utah.

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